Physical content

Updates: Our physical content is not available on Amazon anymore.

We're hoping that in a near future we'll be able to deliver this service by ourselves and provide a more customize and engaged service.

However, you can already benefit from our digital products, which you can find on this site. They contain the same content, but are interactive thanks to their clickable tabs. Digital content benefits you as well as our wonderful blue planet. By buying digital products directly, you're helping to reduce paper consumption and waste. However, if you would like to have physical content, you can always print out certain sheets (from your purchase, which you will receive directly in PDF format) at home. Our website offers a maximum of 3 downloads per purchase to help you get your product on different devices. Finally, the cost of digital content is considerably cheaper.

Self-help should be available for everyone, so don't hesitate to discuss with us on our social networks.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.